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A beautiful smile :)

"In today's society, where first impressions are important, an attractive appearance and smile can mean everything. The beautiful smile stands for self-confidence, healthy and youthfulness. A radiant smile and white teeth tell a lot about you as a person before you have been able to say a word. It communicates immediately that you care about yourself, and you are healthy and kind.

In fact, many business leaders believe a confident smile is your most important asset for business success. A smile is also the first thing most people remember after meeting someone. We all know that a beautiful smile makes you more attractive and desirable to that special someone".

Smile Design - Smile Makeover - Rediscovers and improves your former beautiful smile

Smile Design is a geometrical tool that idealizes every facial characteristic and tells how to improve your smile, teeth, eyes and shape of your cheeks, nose, and chin. With simulations, you can see how a smile makeover can do for you.



smile design tandläkare
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