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What is bonding?

Bonding is a technique to attach composite material (plastic) onto the teeth. It contains partly of 15% plastic and 85% glass. Composite is used to repair damaged teeth, fillings, cosmetic improvements and to correct crocked teeth. Bonding will also make discoloured teeth lighter and make the gap between your teeth smaller.

Bonding can also repair chipped and damaged teeth by applying a thin layer of plastic material on the surface of the tooth. A bonding material is then applied to the tooth to give the tooth its shape and colour. The material is then exposed to a strong light that makes the composite hard. Finally, the surface of the tooth is polished.

Instead of amalgam, composite material is today more used as a filling material for cavities and root canal treatments.

Bonding is a relatively cheap and effective method to get beautiful teeth. However, the composite is porous and can easily be discoloured. How long the composite will last, depends how well you take care of your teeth.

A porcelain veneer is better resistant to discolouring, and it lasts longer than traditional bonding.



The bonding technique is also used to fasten gems.


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