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Dental Implants, Bridge or dentures?

To replace a missing tooth, you can either use implants, bridge or a denture. If your bone structure in your mouth is ok for implants, then you should choose dental implants as a first choice.

There are both pros- and coins with implants, bridges and dentures:

Dental Implants
+ feel like your own teeth.
+ keep the gum intact and the other teeth are not moving.
+ is an alternative for those who can't use dentures.
+ are used for dental crowns and as a support for dentures.
+ last longer than dentures and dental bridges.
- are a more expensive solution than dental bridge and denture.
- The bone structure in the mouth is of poor quality, and implants can't be used.


Dental Bridge
+ feels like your own teeth
+ is a permanent solution and is cemented to adjoining teeth
+ looks very natural.
+ keeps your gum healthy and prevents adjacent teeth from moving.
+ better aesthetic solution than using dentures.
- adjoining teeth have to be grinded for fixation.
- more expensive solution than dentures.


Dentures and Partial Dentures
+ cheapest solution.
+ poor bite- and chewing sensation
- have to be taken out and cleaned daily.
- have a negative effect on the bone density which makes it more difficult to insert implants in the furture.

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