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Orthodontics - braces

It is really annoying to have one tooth stick out, and it just wrecks your whole smile. You can't even smile without the tooth is sticking out. The tough part is that generally the tooth that is sticking out is in front of another. Occlusion or irregular teeth is not only a matter of aesthetic appearance, but it creates unnecessary wear on your teeth, and can also create tension headache. It is more usual that adults are choosing braces in their treatment today.

There are different types and colours on braces. Normal treatment time is 1,5-2 years. Depending on construction of the braces, they should be adjusted every 6th or 12th week.


Straight teeth without braces

If you have crooked or irregular teeth that you want to correct, and you don't want to use braces, there are in most cases alternatives like crowns and porcelain veneers that can make your teeth more beautiful, better shape, whiter without using braces. This requires skills beyond cosmetic dentistry. It requires a great artistic skill to create a beautiful smile.





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