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Total Smile Makeover for your teeth

Create the perfect smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry requires many years of experience, highly specialized equipment, and the ability to think "outside the box" which cannot be taught in dental school. The dentist must have the vision of an artist in order to achieve the very best results for the patient. Each person presents a different set of health and aesthetic problems, and every patient wants a unique look.

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Anna Sarzynska will review your teeth image with you and tell you what can be improved by a total Smile Makeover.

To see what your new teeth will look like, dental technician Jerzy Laskowski will create a 3D model that you can pick up and examine.



See your new smile
When you are ready to continue, a mock-Up is made from the 3D model, where you can test the new temporary teeth in your mouth. These temporaries can be adjusted if needed. The temporary teeth will be duplicated in the finished restorations. A treatment plan is then presented, and you will know all costs of a total Smile Makeover.


Healthy teeth before the cosmetic part can start
Before the dentist starts the work with your new smile, your teeth and gum must be free from infection, before a Smile Makeover cas start. All your old fillings and crowns are removed and cavities are filled, if any. Then scaling and cleaning is performed. How long time this will take, depends on what status your teeth have when the work starts.



Your new smile
The cosmetic dentist is preparing the teeth according to the 3D model, and the Mock-up, then a new mould is made. The new porcelain veneers/crowns are handmade. High quality porcelain is applied on the new porcelain veneer/crown, and the surface of the crown/veneer is adjusted and painted to have a natural tooth look. This takes about 7-9 working days, depending on how many veneers and/or crowns you need. When this is done, the dentist fastens the veneers/crowns onto the prepared teeth and superfluous cement on the edges of the veneers are removed. Then a bite test is performed, to see if the veneer is fitted properly onto the tooth. It's time to get out there and show off your great new smile :)

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