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Teeth Whitening

Generally, teeth whitening is a rather safe, cheap and effective cosmetic method to make your teeth whiter.

Teeth whitening lasts 5-10 years depending on life style and oral hygiene.


Teeth whitening

Things you have to know before you bleach your teeth:

If you have composite fillings or porcelain crowns, they often match the colour you had before whitening. After the procedure, the teeth will be whiter, but the colour of the fillings will not be in same colour. You might need to change your fillings after your teeth whitening. This holds also to porcelain crowns and other prosthetics.

You must fill your cavities before you bleach your teeth. The whitening agent can penetrate into the cavities and create infections and shooting pains. The result will also be better if you clean your teeth before a whitening procedure.

If you have sensitive teeth or any gum diseases, you should avoid bleaching. Some people feel an extreme pain during the whitening procedure or when they get a whitening agent on their gum.

If you are pregnant or are breast-feeding, you should avoid teeth whitening, because there is no research that tells if it's dangerous or not.

Following options for teeth whitening are available on the market:

  1. "take home bleaching" - supervised by the dentist
  2. bought in a normal shop, post-order or by internet
  3. laser- and power whitening by the dentist

It's important to know that not all bleaching methods give you the same result.



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