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Why are my teeth getting discoloured?

Our teeth are constantly attacked by colour pigments from food and drinks.

The tooth enamel is covered with a colourless surface of protein, and like flycatcher tape, small particles will be stuck to the surface.

As a result, the tooth will be discoloured.



Other reasons why teeth will be discoloured and stained are medical reasons like medicine, genetic odontology or normal ageing.


Medicines like tetracycline (against acne) can make the teeth blue/grey and frequently worsen when the teeth are affected by the surrounding light.


Too much intake of fluoride, can make the teeth discoloured.


Diseases like jaundice. erythroblastosis fetalis and porfyri secretes colour pigment that affects the teeth.


Genetically, like amelogenesis and dentinogenesis imperfecta.


A severe trauma could make the teeth stained. This is caused when the blood in the blood veins oxidise in the tooth and makes the tooth darker.


The most common causes to discoloured and darker teeth are food, drinks like red wine, coffee, tee, cola and tobacco smoking and moist snuff.


The teeth will also be darker with age. This because the dentine in the tooth gets darker with age.


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