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Prices - Cosmetic Dentistry

Panoramic X-ray 80
Consultation with cosmetic dentists Free
3D model 100
Vax-up per tooth incl. Mock-Up 100
Conservative treatment  
Scaling and Polishing + Airflow + protector 280
Gum Reshaping  
Gum Reshaping per tooth 500-700
Dental Implants  
Implant including Abutment and Porcelain Crown (PFM) 5000-7000
Overdenture (2 implants) 5300
Overdenture (4 implants) 8800
Changing amalgam/silver fillings to metal free composite or porcelain  
Small filling 350
Medium filling 370
Big filling 390
Ceramic Inlay 1600
Composite Onlay 600
Cosmetic Contouring  
per tooth 200
Cosmetic bonding per tooth 400
Crowns, veneers and bridgeworks  
Porcelain Crown Veneered on Chrome Cobalt Alloys (PFM) 1050
Porcelain Crown veneered on Gold Alloys 1500 + 250zl/gr
Zirconium (Cercon) Crown 1600
Bridge per unit 1050
Root post 450
Porcelain Veneer E.max 1800
Lumineers 2000
Dentures per jaw  
Acrylic Edentolous Denture 2000
Acrylic Partial Denture 1300-2000
Metal Frame Denture 2000
Cosmetic Denture 4500
Laser teeth whitening (beyond) 750
Bleaching Tray per jaw 625

10 years warranty on Implants, 5 years warranty on crowns, bridges, porcelain inlay/onlay, 2 years warranty on denture and fillings. Read about the dentist warranties »

Payments in Polish zlotys (1 PLN = £0.22 or €0.24)

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