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What is considered as a beautiful smile?

What is considered beautiful is based on standard aesthetic principles about balance and symmetry between teeth, eyes and the rest of the face.


The width of the face should be the width of five “eyes”.

The distance between the eyebrow and chin should be equal to the width of the face.


The facial height is divided into three equal parts from the fore head to the eyebrow line, from the eyebrow line to the base of the nose and from the base of the nose to the base of the chin.

The full face is divided into two parts, eyes being the midline.

The lower part of the face from the base of the nose to the chin is divided into two parts, the upper lip forms one-third of it and the lower lip and the chin two-thirds of it.


Smile Symmetry

There are two facial features which do play a major role in the smile design - the interpupillary line and lips.

The human eye can simply perceive if there are any errors in your front teeth size of shape. To make the same length of both front teeth and place them in the middle of the face (midline), will make a perfect smile.

Horizontal correspondence
A smile (Incisal plane) that is parallel with the eyes (interpupillary line)is most attractive.

If the eyes are not parallel, an illusion of horizontal correspondence should be made.


The basic shape of the face when viewed from the frontal aspect can be one of the following:

  • Square
  • Tapering
  • Square tapering
  • Ovoid

The Lateral profile of an individual can be any one of the following:

  • Straight
  • Convex
  • Concave

These factors play a role in determining the tooth size, shape and the lateral profile; in short, the tooth morphology is dependent on the facial morphology.



Our teeth play a huge role in supporting the face. The shape of our faces and our bites develop between ages 6 to 13. Our bites are formed randomly and without any precision. The shape of our faces is directly related to the type of bite we have.

Some of us have a deep overbite that contributes to a short lower face, while others have a short lower face attributed to years of grinding and the natural wear. The problem in both scenarios is that the tooth enamel and height are not sufficiently supporting our bites and our faces.

Teeth follow following principles:

The golden section

The golden section is the geometrical proportions that exists everywhere around us.

A beautiful smile has the proportions close to the golden section between teeth: 0.6 - 1.0 - 1.6

Broad smile

With a broad smile, you can see all backwards teeth in the mouth. If the smile is too narrow, a shadowed area is created, that makes the teeth stand out.

Lip Line

The teeth bite-line shall follow the curve of the under-lip. The upper teeth have a shape of a "gull." A curved smile line makes you smile younger but to flat smile line, the teeth will have more a worn-out look and makes you older.

The notch between teeth (incisor separation)

The notch between the teeth shall have the shape as a triangle that starts with the smallest triangle between the front teeth and increase in size backwards the teeth.

The size of the front teeth

The width of the front tooth shall be 80% of the length of the tooth.


The shape, texture and the colour shade of the tooth:
The tooth looks more natural if it follows following rules.

Upper part of the tooth:
Has a more yellow shade.

Middle part of the tooth:
Has a less yellow shade and lighter in appearance

Lower part of the tooth:
Can be little blue or grey.

The angle of the teeth

The front teeth shall lean down the centre. If you prolong the lines, the lines should cross near the navel.

Smile when resting

When the mouth is relaxed, it is usual that 2-4 mm of the front teeth are shown. The distance decreases with time, and the teeth in the lower jaw are more visible.

The contact point of the teeth

The contact points between the teeth are increasing one step above, counted from the front teeth.

The gum should be healthy

The gum frames the teeth. Healthy gum is light pink in colour and does not bleed.

The gum line should follow the smile line

The ideal gum line is when 3 mm of the gum above the incisors is visible. The top of the gum should follow the smile line.


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