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Medica Travel - Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy

These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between you (the patient) and ‘Medica Travel & Consulting’, registered in Poland, referred to in this document as ‘Medica Travel’, These terms and conditions are valid when booking any of our treatments,  and/or arranging a consultation, treatment or surgery with a clinic or hospital Medica Travel represents. You confirm that you have both read and understood these terms and conditions, and agree with these terms and conditions.

Medica Travel
Medica Travel is a Polish-based health service provider that organizes cost-saving medical trips to Poland. We have long experience of dealing with European patients seeking affordable and high quality medical treatments in Poland. We provide all forms of medical treatment, from dentistry to invasive surgery.

The Medica Travel website is owned and operated by Medica Travel & Consulting, registered in Poland, under REGON 220-21-60-50, NIP 584-25-85-162

Company details:
Medica Travel & Consulting
Jörgen Petersen
Msciwoja II 5
80-384 Gdansk

Information provided on this web site
Smiledesign.org.uk was created to promote health care service in Poland. This website offers general information and services regarding medical health care, and is free of charge to the user. If the user does not agree with the following terms and conditions of this website, the user should cease using it immediately.

Smiledesign.org.uk is provided by Medica Travel on the basis of availability. Medica Travel makes no representations or warranties of any kind, either explicitly or implied, as to the operation of the site; nor the information, content, materials or products included on this site. This site is for general information purposes only, and is not intended to provide personalized or professional advice. You should not rely on this site as a substitute for professional advice from a doctor or dentist.

All medical prices presented on this web site are estimates. Patients will be quoted exact prices for treatments based on the medical information and pictures provided by the Patient.

Links to Other Sites
As part of our service, we provide links to websites over which we exercise no control, they are provided only for your convenience. Medica Travel is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content on such websites. You are encouraged to read the privacy statements of these linked sites as their privacy policy may differ from ours. Please make a note that when you click on one of these links, you will be directed to another website.

Privacy Policy
All information and pictures are held to the highest degree of confidentiality and are protected under the Polish law, (Act of 29th August 2006 on Personal Data Protection). We may use and share this information with those doctors, dentists, clinics or hospitals specifically involved in the processing of your application. Any personally identifiable information you give us is held with the utmost care and security both online and off-line. We do not sell, rent, or loan any personally identifiable information regarding our customers to any third party.

Personal Information
In order to process your application, our site provides you with the option to use an on-line contact form. We collect your personal and contact information solely in order to process your application. By sending medical data,  and in some cases photos, you give your consent to our passing this information on to medical doctors for an opinion. Your personal and contact information may also be used by a doctor or dentist to get in touch with you when necessary to process your application. E-mails may be sent to you to inform you of the status of your application, or to request any additional information required.

Medical Travel’s Services

  • We will collect and translate the patient's medical data and other medical information and forward it to a clinic or hospital. In some cases, a fee for translation by a certified translator may be added.
  • We will forward any questions or inquiries a patient might have to a dentist or doctor.
  • We will book hotels, tests and medical treatments for our patients.
  • English speaking staff from Media Travel will be available around the clock, seven days a week.
  • We will assist patients during their stay in Gdansk.
  • We will transfer Patient between the airport, port, hotel and clinic/hospital in Gdansk.
  • We will monitor the patient's treatment/surgery after the patient has returned home.

Price for our Service

  • Our service is included in the price of treatment.
  • All medical costs involved in the treatment are specified in the "offer" and in the "confirmation".
  • Patients who book their treatment in Gdansk will be transferred free of charge between the airport and hotel, and clinic or hospital, for all appointments, (a patient can bring a maximum one companion free of charge).

Contact us, Booking and Confirmation
Your doctor or dentist will need to assess any medical conditions you have to make sure that you are suitable for the treatment requested. The client shall provide, if needed, results of medical examinations, (X-ray, ECG, etc.), case notes, and medical history performed at the recommendation of Medica Travel.

The clinic or hospital has the right to disqualify or stop medical treatment at any time without any obligation for compensation, if you are not mentally or medically fit for the suggested treatment, or if your payment obligations have not been met. The clinic or hospital may also postpone your treatment if new medical information comes to light or further medical conditions are found during the consultation or examination, that were not previously known, might affect the planned treatment negatively, or put the patient at a greater risk. We cannot be held responsible if the patient is refused treatment under such circumstances, and you will not be compensated for any financial loss. In such circumstances, the patient will then provide additional medical information and tests, and book a treatment at a later date.


When the clinic or hospital has all the medical information, pictures, and tests required, and the doctor has made a preliminary examination, Medica Travel will send the patient an offer which includes the following details: in which clinic or hospital the treatment will be performed - the name of the dentist, doctor or surgeon responsible for the treatment - the qualifications of the doctor or surgeon – the extent of treatment required – information concerning prices and payment - travel and accommodation recommendations - alternative dates for treatment.

The patient shall consult Medica Travel regarding arrival and departure dates, and receive confirmation from Medica Travel before making a reservation, as every visit to the clinic or hospital needs to be planned in advance. Medica Travel does not sell flight tickets or packages, including flights and hotels. However, we do help our customers find flights and hotels.

If the patient has been recommended for  medical treatment, and travel and accommodation have been arranged, Medica Travel will send the patient confirmation by e-mail. The confirmation will state the following: the extent of the desired treatment – schedule - price and a description of what is included in the price - method of payment - how the treatment will help - how you should prepare yourself before any planned treatment. The price of treatment can change if something new is found during the consultation with the doctor or dentist that was not previously known. The patient may change the extent of the treatment during the consultation. The doctor or dentist will provide you with a treatment plan, and all possible costs will be explained before any treatment starts.

If the rules for cancellation are not specified in the "confirmation", you can cancel your appointment, treatment or surgery at no cost, at any time. The costs for tests, diagnoses, consultation, etc., if any, are paid for by the patient.

If a confirmed appointment, treatment or surgery has to be cancelled for any reason by the Clinic or Hospital, Medica Travel will compensate the Patient for actual costs of flight tickets and hotel, or a maximum amount of 500 PLN. Patients are expected to verify such costs by sending a copy of invoices, tickets or receipts, showing the costs of the flight and the hotel.

All medical treatments are paid directly to the clinic or hospital before, during or after the treatment. All payment information is specified in the "offer" and in the "confirmation".

Payments for travel and accommodation are paid separately to each provider, according to their terms of conditions.

Medical services provided by the clinic or hospital
All medical services are provided by specified clinics, which also take full responsibility for medical treatments performed. Medica Travel is not responsible for any loss or damage occurred to the Patient resulting from the performance of any of these services. The contract for any medical service is directly between the patient and the clinic or hospital itself. Medica Travel is not liable for the work of a doctor, dentist, or any of the staff at the clinic or hospital. The contract between a patient and Medica Travel is for the arrangement of the services, and other travel services specified in the paragraph "Medica Travel's Service" above.

The Patient's Responsibilities
The patient is responsible for giving correct and valid medical information to the clinic or hospital before any treatment or surgery. There is always a risk connected with any treatment or surgery, even if the probability of having complications is small in most cases. A dentist, doctor or surgeon will inform the patient during the consultation what specific risks are involved in the patient's treatment. It is the patient's own responsibility to understand the risks involved in the treatment or surgery. The patient has to give the doctor his or her consent for treatment or surgery before any medical treatment can start.

Complaints Policy
If you are not satisfied after your treatment. Read more »

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