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Activities in Gdansk

During your stay in Gdansk, we offer following activities::


Tour the Old Town

Two hours guided tour in Old Town - Stare Miasto with its more than 1000 years of history. See Golden Gate, Ophagena, Neptun, Artus Court, Mariaska Church, Green gate and more.

Duration: 2 hours Price: Free for patients

Shopping in Gdansk

Take advantage of cheap prices in Poland. Our guide will show you where the best bargains can be made.

Duration: 4 hours Price: 40 zlotys/person

Wars in Gdansk

Gdansk has during its 1000 year-long history encounter a number of wars. Teutonic Wars, Swedish Wars, Napoleon War, First World War, Second World War. During this four hour guided tour we would like to show you were history was created.

Duration: 3 hours Price: 80 zlotys/person

Marlbourk - biggest medieval brick castle in the world

Visit the tectonic castle 50 km from Gdansk.

Duration: 8 hours Price: 150 zlotys/person

Find yourself Ambers on the beach

Your guide will show where to find ambers and how to look for them.

Duration: 8 hours Price: 80 zlotys/person

Fish Cod in Baltic sea

Seven hours fishing in Baltic Sea. Fishing equipment can be rented for 40 zlotys/person. This tour goes two times per month on Sundays. Minimum 4 persons.

Duration: 10 hours Price: 250 zlotys/person

For the Children - Visit Zoo and Aquarium

Gdansk has the biggest Zoo in Poland. They have animals like elephant, tiger, giraffe and more. Aquarium in Gdynia has more than 300 species of fish.

Duration: 6 hours Price: 40 zlotys/person


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